USE-IT Tourist Office
USE-IT is a tourist office for young travellers on a budget located in Brussels, ran by volunteers and internationally famous for their free city maps made by locals.
They asked us to design the entire interior of their new headquarters located in the beautiful Ravenstein Gallery.

The USE-IT travel maps were the inspiration for the design of the display that holds the maps.

The concept exists out of wooden panels in European pine that wrap around the space at eye height and incorporates the most important elements to communicate with the traveller: the display for the maps, the weekly calendar with activities in Brussels, and the world map with USE-IT maps.

The space invites travellers to sit down, connect, charge their phone and store luggage for a couple of hours. Above the counter hangs an information board with splitflaps from the old station of Bruges, that shows the latest #useitbrussels tweets. A nostalgic reference to travelling.

Location: Ravenstein Gallery Brussels